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So last time I posted a batch of Steve Perry / Journey icons, I posted 135. Now, I know it's a lot, but I figured it was a special thing... I spent weeks on those, but for some reason I got less comments than usual. Was there a problem loading them? I would assume that by now most of you are on high-speed internet [even though I'm not - I have dial-up, ugh], so I didn't think that would be a problem. I know I say you don't have to comment, but I really would like to know what you think about these especially since I spent so much time on them - so I ask that if anyone missed out on the last post of 135, that they go check it out HERE and leave a comment, please, if it's not too much trouble - just to tell me what you think and / or give constructive criticism, even if you don't take any. It would be so much appreciated! I don't want to feel like no one is taking these icons - because I know you are. So if anything, do it for Steve! (^_^)

And now on this next batch.

I have 73 for you guys tonight - it's mostly Escape-era Steve, a of few ROR and Frontiers-era Steve, and lots of Steve+Neal [dare I say, a.k.a. "Sneal"?  ^_^ ],  plus three Neal icons.

See if you can tell that I've been working on my "Photoshop skills" [even though, as I've said, I don't use Photoshop] - and PLEASE let me know what you think!

And YES, there are some funny ones, if you were wondering. Aren't there always?


No credit necessary.
You don't have to comment, but we both know I'd love it if you did. Please do! I want to know which ones are your favorites.
♥ Feel free to use any of my icons as bases or textures - and you can add anything to want to them, I don't mind one bit!
♥ Some people say not to use their icons on any other websites, but of course you can use mine wherever you want and for whatever reason.
♥ You can also feel free to friend me if you like these so you don't miss any future updates in my journal. A lot of the time I try to friend back, but don't feel bad if I don't - my friends page would get really full! (^_^)


es145.jpg image by TropicalStarlite es132.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 1zg84g9.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 
Copyofes24.jpg image by TropicalStarlite neil.jpg image by TropicalStarlite es128.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 

  1.au.jpg image by TropicalStarlite  2.Copyofau.jpg image by TropicalStarlite   3.Copyofes145-1.jpg image by TropicalStarlite   4.es145.jpg image by TropicalStarlite
  5.Copyofcp.jpg image by TropicalStarlite  6.cp.jpg image by TropicalStarlite   7.es41.jpg image by TropicalStarlite   8.sror3.jpg image by TropicalStarlite
  9.1zg84g9.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 10.sror1.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 11.sror2.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 12.spoints.jpg image by TropicalStarlite
13.es24.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 14.Copyofes24.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 15.sperfa.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 16.sperf.jpg image by TropicalStarlite
17.sperf2.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 18.es132.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 19.es3.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 20.ps.jpg image by TropicalStarlite
21.sn.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 22.es61.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 23.bws.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 24.inf141.jpg image by TropicalStarlite
25.Copyofinf141.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 26.ss2.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 27.ss.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 28.ssa.jpg image by TropicalStarlite
29.kor.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 30.es120.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 31.Copyofes120.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 32.gs1.jpg image by TropicalStarlite
33.inf183.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 34.Copyofinf183.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 35.gs3.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 36.inf391.jpg image by TropicalStarlite
37.neil2.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 38.sandn4.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 39.neil3.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 40.sandn2.jpg image by TropicalStarlite
41.inf336.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 42.sandn.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 43.neil.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 44.inf419.jpg image by TropicalStarlite
45.ZSN.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 46.inf155.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 47.lols2.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 48.lols.jpg image by TropicalStarlite
49.sls.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 50.es87.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 51.ss4.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 52.ss3.jpg image by TropicalStarlite
53.es128.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 54.sg.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 55.sg2.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 56.es35.jpg image by TropicalStarlite
57.ss6.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 58.es86.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 59.ss7.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 60.ss8.jpg image by TropicalStarlite
61.sperf3-1.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 62.sperf4.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 63.es83.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 64.ys.jpg image by TropicalStarlite
65.stevesmile-1.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 66.stevesmile.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 67.stevesings.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 68.es40.jpg image by TropicalStarlite
69.ks.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 70.es156.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 71.ss5.jpg image by TropicalStarlite 72.inf376.jpg image by TropicalStarlite
73.es77.jpg image by TropicalStarlite

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