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Journey and Audiosurf

Well, there's some interesting stuff happening in the Journey world these days. There are only 10 shows left in the Revelation Tour, after which the boys plan to take a break and set aside some dedicated time to work on their next album. They have a DVD of the Manila concert coming out this month. Also, I heard a rumor that Gregg Rollie, their original lead singer and keyboardist, joined them at a Texas concert and enabled them to bust out some really old numbers from the set list. Good times! I don't think he will return to the band at this point, but it would be nice to see him doing some collaborative writing and possibly even some guest work on future releases and tours.

I bought Audiosurf, which is on discount during this weekend for around $4 through Steam! It's a great game, which takes any song on your computer and turns it into a racetrack. Voice oscillation, tempo, speed, bass, waveform....all the stuff that makes up those melodies become components in the track. As the song plays, you have to collect points which are strategically placed throughout the track. All in all, good fun, and I even have the global top score on a few of the songs in my collection! Here's my Audiosurf page, if anyone is interested.

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