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I'm back at the Apartment again. We waited until the mail came, and sure enough my Journey package was there in it. I gotta say...It's good. REAL good. After listening to both of the cds, I'd have to say Arnel Pineda has proven that he can carry this band. He's a great singer, and though he sounds Perry-ish enough to keep the Journey signature sound, he also has his own voice, just like Steve Augeri did.

Journey under Augeri sounded muted compared to this! They go back from adult contemporary into pure modern rock with this album, I must say. It's like 1983 all over again. Heck, this album feels like a cross between Evolution, Frontiers, and Raised On Radio. This is interesting, since the last three albums they did with Augeri had their own identities.

Holy crap is this album good. On the new material especially. The best songs are "Never Walk Away", "Like A Sunshower", "Change For The Better", "After All These Years"...There is no filler on this album, except for maybe one song, which is a nice change. I've only heard the album twice now, and my hearing isn't all that great today, but I can tell you that this is a very good album. "Never Walk Away" was the song co written with Jeremy Hunsicker before he decided he couldn't front the band. It has a great vintage Journey sound, like it could have been a track from Raised On Radio. It sounds a tad repetitive though, compared to the other tracks. "Like A Sunshower" is a great song! It's slower and softer, but a real groovy track; sounds like something from Evolution or Departure! It actually reminded me a lot of "Stay Awhile", with that same slow guitar melody and harmonic chorus. "Change For The Better" is a blasting rocker, so awesome and fresh sounding; it's my favorite on this album! Frontiers would have been a more rounded album with this track on it, and it sounds like it would have fit perfectly. I hear Neal and Cain wrote this song for Deen when he came out of rehab. "After All These Years" is the ballad everyone's been talking about, and is indeed, very good, though there's another on this album that is also easy on the ears, that I kind of like better. Can't remember which one it was, either "Where Did I Lose Your Love" or "What I Needed". "Faith In The Heartland" had stumped me when I heard it was on this album, since they had made that song for Generations, but after hearing this version, I think I understand why they included it. Not only is it a great way to give kudos (and royalty money!) to Steve Augeri as a fond farewell, but they also ramped it up a bit. Deen is a demon on this track, his drumming skills are amazing! Very nice. "What It Takes To Win" was a bit more jangly than I was expecting. "Turn Down The World Tonight" is a good song, but doesn't really sound like Journey. It strikes me as more of a Styx song or a Jonathan Cain solo. It's sort of a groovy ballad, but in a different manner from "Like A Sunshower".

Arnel and the band did a good job on the re-releases too. They cover the bare essentials of their "dirty dozen" of songs, and most of the playing seems to be how they'd do it live in concert, even though this is all a studio session. Arnel definitely lives up to Steve Perry, which is a good thing because I can only imagine what the flames would have been like if he hadn't. The only song I'm not terribly happy with on this album is "Only The Young" (though I also dislike the fact they left out "Ask The Lonely", one of my favorites), and that's just me nitpicking about the tone on certain parts....but I suppose I can't expect him to be exacting. He comes pretty damn close though. It is also nice to hear some of these songs recorded in a modern Keven Shirley studio fashion.

So yes, the album is worth it, even just for Disk 1 alone. I haven't seen the DVD yet, but I have the weekend ahead of me...All in all, it's not a bad album for being more or less an accidental project (the guys had originally gone in just to do 4 new demo songs since Wal-Mart asked them to re-record their greatest hits. They liked Arnel so much that it ballooned into a whole 'nother album. The re-release was apparently required in their contract though, so they just made it a set).

And what a set it is!
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