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Hey, I'm new to the community, but I've been a fan of Journey and floating around in the greater Journey world for a while now.

I got into them back in the late 90's, after the band's Trial By Fire tour fell apart. I listened to my Dad's copy of their "Greatest Hits" album, and it just took off from there! I was hooked.  I now have all of the band's albums, including the Japan only Dream After Dream, and will be picking up the new Revelation this weekend. I've seen the guys live with Steve Augeri twice now, once during the Main Event tour with Styx and REO Speedwagon, and again during the 30th Anniversary Generations Tour. I also have all of the band's current DVD releases.

More recently, I joined Journey's official forums after learning about their discovery of Arnel Pineda, and I regularly visit their virtual home on Second Life.

I hadn't known there was a livejournal community too! So here I am. :) I plan on getting the guys' solo works too someday; already have the complete Bad English discography except for the "Lost Tapes" album.
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