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Okay, so here's what's cracka-lackin'. [My apologies to those of you who I've just offended or caused to fall out of their chair in a fit of hysterical laughter.]

I've made 202 -
yes, two-hundred and two!!!
- Steve Perry icons for you. "It's insane", you might say, but I should tell you. It was oh so much fun.

So anyway, 202? That's a bit too much for me to post at once, especially considering that I'm on dial-up and it would take hours. So what I'm gonna do is post this first part of BATCH 4 of my SP ICONS, which are mostly the first ones I made a while back in this particular batch.

Consequently, a few of them are my least favorites. But since I can't bear the thought of deleting something with SP on it, I'm posting them anyway, because maybe it's just me - after all, I'm kinda picky about certain things - and maybe you guys will actually like them a lot, despite the fact that I think they're mediocre. But enough about those few - I do happen to like most of these that I'm posting, so don't set yourselves up for disappointment just yet.

[The next batch will prove to be more promising when I post them, as I've been honing certain new icon-making skills of which I am incredibly proud, thankyouverymuch. I know you'll love them - and the other band members show up a lot more than usual - {like, a lot} - and there are even just a few solo Jonathan Cain [hott!] and Neil Schon [hott!] icons, as well as one each of Aysnley Dunbar [hott!] and Gregg Rolie. :) ]

Enough of my yammering on.

Now that you've read this lovely story, it's time to pay homage to the one, the only, THE VOICE.

No credit necessary
You don't have to comment, but we both know I'd love it if you did. Please do! I want to know which ones are your favorites.
Feel free to use any of my icons as bases, textures, etc...and you can add anything you want to them, I don't mind one bit!
You can also feel free to friend me if you like these! I usually try to friend back.

Six TEASERS because three doesn't cut it:

ror97.jpg  sp_augd26_81_18.jpg  200.jpg
sprsoqr3.jpg  inf404.jpg  SPSinginga.jpg

[I've got a lot of ROR material in here this time, and as always, some funnies ferr ya.]

  1.SPSinging.jpg   2.SPSinginga.jpg   3.inf404.jpg   4.inf4s04.jpg
  5.inf415a.jpg   6.inf415.jpg   7.i145.jpg   8.i14s5.jpg
  9.ror229.jpg 10.ror229yl7lw.jpg 11.ror229yllw.jpg 12.Copy5ofProject1.jpg
13.200.jpg 14.20z0.jpg 15.ror245.jpg 16.ror61.jpg
17.22r4.jpg 18.224.jpg 19.ror290.jpg 20.ror103.jpg
21.225.jpg 22.Copy6ofProject1.jpg 23.ror10d8.jpg 24.pg17.jpg
25.Copyofinf39s9.jpg 26.Copyofinf399.jpg 27.CopyofInf24w4.jpg 28.rrthrtj.jpg
29.spror3.jpg 30.sprsoqr3.jpg 31.fr209.bdmp.jpg 32.fr209.jpg
33.fr35x2.jpg 34.fr35s2.jpg 35.fr352.jpg 36.ror164.jpg
37.sp_augc26_81_18.jpg 38.sp_augd26_81_18.jpg 39,sp_aug26_81_18.jpg 40.ror109.jpg
41.ror105.jpg 42.ror10x5.jpg 43.hottbeer2.jpg 44.Copyofhottbeer2.jpg
45.Copyofinf378.jpg 46.ror97.jpg 47.ror106.jpg 48.ror10d6.jpg
49.ror58f.jpg 50.ror58.jpg 51.ror798.jpg 52.ror98.jpg
53.39.jpg 54.oOohott.jpg 55.ror16s6.jpg 56.ror166.jpg
57.ror852.jpg 58.ror82.jpg 59.st156.jpg 60.ror05.jpg
61.ror244.jpg 62.Copyofror244.jpg 63.ror243.jpg 64.ror83.jpg
65.ror2462.jpg 66.ror242.jpg

Another thing you should know: I'm on a mission to pretty much icon every SP photo I have [hundreds], including ones that start off grainy, which accounts for some of the mediocre quality you may notice on certain icons. Apologies again. :\

And while I'm at it - does anybody have any :
- links to other good SP sites besides the main, most well-known ones
- sites where I can find more rare photos
- links or sites to any other SP/JRNY icon/graphics makers besides the main ones we know here on lj? As in, any littler-known icon-makers?

If you have any of the above info, PLEASE TELL ME. I know there're more out there, so don't be stingy! Recommend! I will love you forever...and ever...and eeeeeeeeeeevvvveeerr!! [I love that song.]

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