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SET 3 Of my Steve Perry Icon streak.

I had waaay too much fun making these.

You'd better like them as much as I do.


No credit necessary
You don't have to comment, but we both know I'd love it if you did. Please do! I want to know which ones are your favorites.
Feel free to use any of my icons as bases, textures, etc...and you can add anything you want to them, I don't mind one bit!
You can also feel free to friend me if you like these! I usually try to friend back [especially if you're a Steve fan!]

You know I couldn't pick less than six TEASERS

1.Copyofsp_aug19_81_14.jpg  2
img1028.jpg 3.pgs67.jpg
4.chesSt.jpg 5.bwsp.jpg 6.555555.jpg

Lots more funnies and a ton of serious hottness under the cut.

  1.Copyofsp_aug19_81_14.jpg   2. sp_aug19_81_14.jpg    3.sp_augd19_81_14.jpg   4.sp_aug1xd9_81_14.jpg
  5.pg12c3.jpg    6.pg123.jpg    7.pg6s6.jpg   8.pg66.jpg
  9.pg67.jpg  10.pgs67.jpg  11.pg80.jpg 12.pg121.jpg
13.pg112.jpg  14.pg116.jpg  15.pg113.jpg  16.pg115.jpg
17.CopyofCopyofpg70.jpg  18.Copyofpg70.jpg  19.img1028.jpg  20.perry_013.jpg
21.Stevexcantcook.jpg  22.Stevsecantcook.jpg  23.Stevsecantcocok.jpg  24.Stevecantcook.jpg
25.Stevecantcoodk.jpg  26.chesSt.jpg  27.sp22.jpg   28bwsp.jpg
29.eehetW.jpg  30.eehet.jpg  31.image586.jpg  32.018_steve-perry.jpg
33.OMGSPSC.jpg  34.OMGSPSC2.jpg  35.Copyofindex.jpg  36.index.jpg
37.imagef583.jpg  38.Copyofimagef583.jpg  39.CopyofCopyofimagef583.jpg  40.image585.jpg
41.image58D4.jpg  42.CopyofCopyofimage58D4.jpg  43.Copyofimage58D4.jpg  44.054_image20304.jpg
45.555555.jpg  46.Copyof555555.jpg  47.61318793_be073c5d1174763935.jpg  48.ohsnapsp.jpg

There's a lot more Steve to come - I have a fourth batch almost done and the makings of a fifth one!

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