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New here!

Hey everyone! I decided to check and see if there were any communities about Journey, and this is one of the first one's I found. I remember the first time I started getting into Journey was probably last year or the year before. My dad got the "Captured" CD, and when he put on "Any Way You Want It", I instantly remembered hearing the song before and I liked it. So that's when I started getting into Journey and downloading some songs. Then last summer, my mom came into my room and said, "Guess who's playing together in concert at Montage Mountain?" and I said who and she told me Def Leppard (my favorite band also) and Journey. We were so excited that we had to get tickets and we ended up going. =)

The concert was so much fun! My mom and I went to dinner at a place called Johnny Rockets, which is like a 50s themed restaurant and all the waiters wear these 50s costumes and sing and dance. Anyways, when we were done eating, it started POURING out and then it started thundering and lightning. I started getting so sad because I didn't want the concert to be cancelled. That summer around our area, we were having pretty nasty floods and it just kept raining all the time, so we weren't suprised when it started pouring. 

When we got up to the mountain, we parked our car and waited a while for the rain to stop so we could actually get out and get into the concert to get our seats before it started. I saw a T-Shirt stand and of course I had to get a shirt. I was so stuck though wondering whether to get a Def Leppard t-shirt, or a Journey one, haha. I ended up getting a cute Def Leppard one though because there weren't many Journey shirts that were made for girls. Then after I got my shirt, we went and sat in our seats, and I think our row was EE, so it was kind of in the middle but it was still a little hard to see the stage. 

Journey was the one to open first. I really enjoyed the songs and I was so excited, but I wasn't really into the lead singer. When I first started getting into Journey, I though Steve Perry was a GREAT singer and could hit those high notes like no one else, and I was really sad when I learned he wasn't touring with the band. The lead singer was pretty good, almost sounding like Steve Perry, but I would have preferred the original Journey, probably like everyone else would have. The thing that sucked was that it was still light out, only about half of the audience seemed to be Journey fans, so there weren't like people screaming, but everyone started getting excited when "Don't Stop Believin'" came on haha.

After Journey was done, Def Leppard came on, and it was AMAZING. Obviously, Def Leppard was the main event since they have their new record out and they got all the big lights and everything when it was dark out. It was so exciting when they came out and everyone seemed to enjoy it. It wasn't very fun at first because everyone started standing up and even though I'm tall, I couldn't really see the stage so I had to stand up with my mom. But other than that, it was an amazing experience. It was awesome to see my two favorite bands on the same stage, and I would do it again if I had too. I hope everyone here has the chance to see Journey at some point or another. =)
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